The Magic Sleigh

Dogs and Cats in Porcelain

Hand Sculptured, custom Pet Porcelain Christmas ornaments and figurines
of Dogs, Cats,
other pets and an occasional little flights of fancy...

Creating lasting, quality keepsakes of your Dogs and Cats in handmade porcelain Christmas ornaments and figurines.

My style is unique, with a special fondness for capturing the heart of each sculpt with a sense of humor, capturing the individually distinct personality and essence of each dog and cat. I work with high fired porcelain, which creates not only a lasting keepsake, but has the quality to hold fine details, making my intricate work into a quality, carefully crafted piece of fine art.

Each Sculpture is as unique as a snowflake,
No two will ever be alike

Pumi dog Christmas Ornament or figurine
What's New?
New Breeds!
umi Dog
Burmese Cat
Chantilly-Tiffany Cat
New Styles!
 Wreath with roses and ribbons
Snowman toy
 come in and wander....
Havanese Christmas Ornament or figurine
Burmese Cat Christmas Ornament or figurine

Pamela Fleming, Porcelain Artist

Working in Porcelain full time is what I do and have been doing for over 20 years.

I use the finest quality Porcelain to individually hand sculpt the miniature custom
Porcelain pet ornaments and figurines into fine Porcelain china.


No molds or castings are used. 

All of my work is designed, hand formed, glazed and fired by me.

Making custom Dog Ornaments and Figurines, Cat Ornaments and Figurines, Custom Pet ornaments and figurines since 1992. I do not have any studio assistants, helpers or even elves!