While you are visiting my site, please note that I am one artist, not a factory. Every item is hand sculpted, glazed, fired, completed, photographed, packed and shipped by myself.
I work with high fired porcelain, which creates not only a lasting keepsake, but has the quality to hold fine details, making my work into a quality crafted piece of fine art. 

 My style is unique, with a special fondness for capturing the heart of each sculpt with a sense of humor, capturing the individually distinct personality of each dog and cat.

It is with great joy that I get to combine my love for Christmas and God's creatures into my work. The porcelain ornaments and figurines you will find in my shop are all personally hand sculpted and carefully crafted by me in my home. My kilns are in the garage and I do all of my sculpting and designing in an extra bedroom. 

I currently live in Umatilla, Florida with a Westie, a Kooikerhondje and 2 cats. I also work with dogs and puppies as an AKC trainer and behaviorist. As a dog trainer I get to handle and work with many different breeds, I love to learn about the characteristics of each breed and try to incorporate what I learn into each creation.


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