As a part time dog trainer, I get my hands on lots of breeds, puppies, mixed breeds and deisgner breeds. I used to think that this would help me deveolp my sculpting ailities by handleing the dogs that I am working on, but I discovered something about myself instead. As I sculpt I get hyper-focused on what I am doing to the exclusian of all else that goes on around me. I am working, and television, dogs barking, people calling my name, I do not notice, as I get so wrapped up in what I am doing. 

It turns out I am the same when I am teaching an obediance class. I see that dogs, I knw they are German Shepherds, and Bichons, but I fail to see the dogs as breeds, but only see the behavior of that individual dog. 

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Figurine

I was so excited to hear that I was getting a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon in a class, and I had heard from the puppies breeder who is also a customer. I was so looking forward to getting my hands on this rarer breed, and thinking to myself how I would be able to notice all of its unique qualities. I was able to handle the puppy a bit before class started, but once it did, it became another dog and owner in need of help and advice. I became trainer and not an artist any more. I do wonder if there are others like me who do the same, judges, and trainers, do all forget who they are and become focused on the job at hand?

I do think I am unconsciously absorbing these details though, I do remember mannerisms, expressions, etc... 

  I can only hope it makes me if not a better artist, a better dog trainer.